The critical raw materials potential of anthropogenic deposits: insights from solid residues of municipal waste incineration

a08fig05Autore del lavoro candidato: Valerio Funari

SINTESI CONTENENTE UNA BREVE DESCRIZIONE DEL LAVORO SVOLTO E DEI RISULTATI OTTENUTI: In this 3-years study I aimed to decipher the critical raw materials -as defined by the European Commission- potential from solid residues produced by Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators (MSWI). The original residues, coming from different leading companies of MSWI in northern Italy, have been selected because they can be accounted for urban mining purposes and represent high elements flows, still poorly explored. In the present work I address the potential of MSWI solid residues as an alternative source of critical raw materials by studying the material chemistry, its resources flow and eventually the evaluation of metals upgrading and recovery. Finally, I tackle some environmental and economic issues.